Registered Apprenticeships

A Proven Solution To Recruit, Hire and Train Your Workforce

Registered apprenticeships are an industry-driven training method that combines hands-on instruction with customized on-the-job training. Employers of all sizes have used apprenticeships as a way to incorporate flexible and customized training strategies that are then used to meet the needs of their company. Once established, these effective programs have the potential to reduce turnover rates, increase productivity, lower the cost of recruitment and increase safety in the workplace.  

Quick Facts About Registered Apprenticeships

  • Helps Develop A Skilled Workforce: recruit and develop talent that helps you grow your business.
  • Customizable Training: create flexible training options that ensure workers have the ability to learn the right skills.
  • Positive Impact To Your Bottom Line: According to the U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration, for every dollar spent on registered apprenticeships, employers receive an average return on investment of $1.50.
  • Retain Workers: 91% of apprentices that complete an apprenticeship are still employed nine months later.

Apprenticeships provide the opportunity to custom train a ready workforce to better prepare for future needs
and growth. Apprentices earn while they learn, gaining skills that enhance your bottom line. Preparing your business for tomorrow means finding the skilled team you need today. Do any of these statements apply to your company?

  • Do you need a more skilled workforce?
  • Do you want to diversify your talent pool?
  • Do your workers need help keeping pace with industry advancements?
  • Are your highly skilled workers retiring soon or leaving for other opportunities

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, an apprenticeship program might be the right solution for your business.

CareerSource Broward can help employers interested in starting, participating or sponsoring an apprenticeship define their own training standards with the assistance of experienced Apprenticeship Training Representative (ATR) with the Florida Department of Education in Broward County. An assigned ATR will monitor and coordinate the development and implementation of your apprenticeship program once it is registered. 

We can help employers:

  • Find the best solution to build a work-ready, custom-trained team, by utilizing an existing apprenticeship program, participate in a Registered Apprenticeship On the Job Training Program (RA OJT) or creating their apprenticeship based on the needs of their company.
  • Design, model and select and apprenticeship program driven by a variety of factors, including the industry and occupation, the skills needed by apprentices and the employer’s work processes.
  • Connect with industry experts, intermediaries and our local ATR to develop and apply industry standards to training programs for registered apprentices that can increase productivity and improve the quality of the workforce for employers in Broward County.

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Employers Can Save Up To $18,000 Per Apprentice!

CareerSource Broward is excited to offer up to 75% in wage reimbursement for each eligible apprentice through our Registered Apprenticeship On-the-Job Training Program.

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