Employer Worksites for Disaster Grants

Hurricane and Disaster Relief Worksite Agreement

Be prepared! Entities wanting to receive temporary workers during hurricanes and other disasters at no cost to their organization should download, complete and execute this host worksite agreement. Positions are funded through Disaster Relief funds made available to CareerSource Broward through the US Department of Labor from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity.

During times of hurricanes or disasters, CareerSource Broward will coordinate with you to determine the types of workers needed and will be able to provide workers to organizations with executed agreements.

Click here to download the Employer Worksite Agreement

Upon completing the above Employer Worksite Agreement, and you would like to be involved as a worksite during one of our current disaster worker grants, please fill out the following online job order form: ext.careersourcebroward.com/disaster-assistance.

2023 Flood Disaster in Broward County

Following the severe flooding from the April storm, CareerSource Broward was awarded $1 million by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity to provide temporary workers to assist with humanitarian aid, clean-up, repairs, and restoration activities at public buildings and local non-profit organizations. Funds can be used to help these organizations at no cost to them in a number of ways, such as:

1. If any public buildings or facilities had damage from the flooding, temporary workers can be assigned to the location to remove water or do repairs to help restore the building’s original condition, as long as the worksite has staff to supervise the workers.

2. If the proposed worksite does not have the equipment needed to do the repairs, funds to rent such equipment can be used.

3. If any public buildings or non-profit organizations are experiencing a workload issue due to the floods, such as an influx of residents seeking recovery help or a need for humanitarian assistance, temporary workers can be connected with those offices to help with workforce needs.

4. If uninsured or underinsured homes are damaged and need repairs and remediation, particularly in distressed areas, CareerSource Broward can coordinate with local non-profit organizations and send workers to assist with home restoration.

If you are a local government office or non-profit organization that was adversely affected by the flooding, please fill out this online job order form: ext.careersourcebroward.com/disaster-assistance.