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Professional Workshops

Below is a list of CareerSource Broward’s professional workshops that are available at NO COST. The workshops are designed to help keep you competitive in your search for employment and are taught by certified workforce professionals with you in mind. Presentations cover a variety of topics, including computer skills, resume writing, interview tips, social media and more.

How Do I Register For A Workshop?

To register for our Professional Placement Network (PPN) workshop, click here. To register for any of our other professional workshops listed below, click here. All workshops begin at the scheduled time and usually last approximately two to three hours in length. Please note that we encourage all customers to register in Employ Florida before attending any of our workshops. Employers often visit our career centers on a daily basis to conduct interviews, so please dress appropriately when visiting our career centers. To view our dress code policy, click here.

In this workshop, you will learn different résumé styles as well as the importance of using keywords in your résumé and what hiring managers respond to most. Workshop topics include:

  • Résumé style options and benefits
  • Cover letter effectiveness
  • How to present references
  • Importance of keywords and search
  • Understanding your different skills on a résumé.

Discover the most effective ways to promote yourself and professionally showcase your knowledge to get the results you want. Workshop topics include:

  • Common interview questions
  • Selling yourself
  • Company research
  • Setting a positive impression and image
  • Different types of interview settings.

Learn how to position yourself as a top candidate in any job market and get hired! Jobseekers must understand the changing workplace and job market. Things are different today on how job seekers go about getting a job. Therefore, we need to enhance our Job Skills to compete better and achieve career success. Workshop topics include:

  • Learn the new job market and workplace
  • Learn about who gets hired and who does not
  • Learn the importance of likeability
  • Learn how to “Sell Yourself” to the employer
  • Learn about the hidden job market and the power of people
  • Learn essential job search tips/methods

The Professional Placement Network (PPN) workshop is all about helping you become employed in your next right job. We teach you the things you must do, things you must say, things you must prepare, and finally the things you must be to become successful in your job search. Workshop topics include:

  • Defining your career goals
  • Developing your plan of action
  • Creating your personal sales pitch
  • Networking strategies: the power of relationship building
  • Effective interviewing and negotiating strategies
  • Negotiating for the job at the best price

    *Interested workshop attendees must have a four-year degree or a minimum of five years of managerial experience and/or a salary of $47,000 per year or more.
    All veterans are welcome.

    To register for this workshop, click here.

    PPN Class and Alumni (September 2019)

    The essential skills needed in today’s workplace are those that help us work well with others, manage time and resources, or adapt to change. These are soft skills and, in this workshop, you'll review the importance of having such skills needed to get and keep a job. Workshop topics include:

    • Professionalism
    • Teamwork
    • Problem-solving
    • Communication
    • Leadership.

    Get hands-on training on common computer functions while learning how to use computer equipment, such as the mouse and keyboard. Workshop topics include:

    • Microsoft Office basics
    • Basic features of computer usage
    • Emailing résumés.

    This workshop is walk-in only.

    Get pointers on how to search for jobs using social media, find decision-makers, and utilize social networking websites to make new career connections. Workshop topics include:

    • Social media networking
    • Creating a profile online
    • Building relationships
    • Job search on LinkedIn
    • Learning through LinkedIn
    • Joining relevant interest groups for presence.

    Learn how to create a spending plan to manage your household finances, build assets for your future and be prepared for unexpected financial emergencies. Topics include:

    • Establishing and maintaining your credit
    • Generating assets and reducing debt
    • Creating a spending plan

    Learn all the ins and outs about Employ Florida and how to properly search and apply for job openings. This workshop also covers Internet job searching and valuable resources that can help your employment needs. Please bring a draft of your résumé, along with your Employ Florida username and password. 

    Workshop topics include:

    • Navigating Employ Florida
    • Uploading your résumé in Employ Florida
    • Locating job leads online