Navigate Your Career Path With PPN

CareerSource Broward's Professional Placement Network (PPN) is for experienced professionals and military veterans in Broward County looking to take the next step in their career journey. Reach the next step on your career ladder and take advantage of resources that will polish your resume, sharpen your interview skills, and give you access to employers through our established contacts. PPN is about:

  • Defining your career goals
  • Developing your plan of action
  • Creating your personal sales pitch
  • Networking strategies and relationship building
  • Effective interviewing and negotiating strategies
  • How to write your winning résumé
  • Learning alternative job search methods
  • Utilizing social networking in your job search

PPN Program Eligibility Requirements

To participate in the PPN program, attendees must have at least one of the following:

1. A four-year degree

2. Managerial experience of at least 5 years

3. A salary of at least $45,000

4. Military experience

Available Workshops

You may attend any or all PPN classes, but the suggested sequence for your PPN journey is listed below in order. In addition, we recommend three additional non-PPN workshops to enhance your skills and supplement the PPN experience. Click on the workshop title for more information about it. Workshop dates, times and direct registration links can be found by visiting our events calendar here.

This workshop explores a proactive approach to organizing a successful job search. We cover twelve steps that have been proven to help job seekers maximize their opportunities and know their value. Workshop topics include: defining your career goals, developing your action plan, and preparing job search strategies. (90 minutes)

Employers in many industries often say that a major reason why workers are not hired or cannot keep their jobs is because they lack Soft Skills. In this workshop, we will examine how critical and creative thinking, time management, lifestyle health, professional appearance, and other skills impact your success in the workplace. (60 minutes)

In this companion to the other Soft Skills workshop, we examine even more skills related to how you operate in any workplace and interact with others professionally. These include social skills (such as communication, teamwork, and leadership) and emotional skills (like integrity, self-motivation, and flexibility). (60 minutes)

This workshop identifies effective methods for finding jobs online and offline. You will also discover “The Power of People” through effective networking strategies. Topics include: finding and connecting with decision makers, writing cover letters, using multiple approaches in your job search, and following up. Make things happen! (90 minutes)

This workshop is designed specifically for the professional in career transition. It will cover the different styles and options for résumés, the strategies for using keywords, how to present your skills, what hiring managers are seeking, and common mistakes to avoid. (90 minutes)

Get pointers on using social media to search for jobs, find decision-makers, and make new career connections. Workshop topics include: using social media to network, creating a profile online, building relationships, and job searching through LinkedIn. (60 minutes)

Creating a professional and impactful online presence is important in your job search. This workshop is designed for those who are considering setting up or refining their LinkedIn profile. Learn how to navigate through LinkedIn’s various features, edit different sections of your profile, control privacy settings, and maximize your job search. (90 minutes)

Discover the most effective ways to promote yourself and showcase your knowledge, skills, and accomplishments in various types of interviews. Workshop topics include: common interview questions, preparation techniques, and making a positive impression to stand out from your competition. (90 minutes)

Learn how to ace your next interview with this interactive webinar. Participate with other motivated job seekers in role playing answers to commonly asked interview questions. Practice makes perfect! (90 minutes)