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How does your Federal Bonding program work and do you have a list of companies that use this service?

The Federal Bonding Program provides fidelity bonding insurance coverage to individuals with criminal histories and other high-risk job applicants who are qualified, but fail to get jobs because regular commercial bonding is denied due to their backgrounds. Each bond insures the employer for any type of stealing by employee including theft, forgery, larceny or embezzlement. It does not cover liability due to poor workmanship, job injuries or work accidents. It is not a bail bond or court bond for the legal system. It is not a contract bond, performance bond or license bond sometimes needed to be self-employed. 

To be eligible for Florida's Bonding Program, an at risk worker must:

  • Need the program's bond in order to get a specific job, (Have an actual job offer that is contingent upon bond issuance.) 
  • Meet the legal age for working; there are no other age limits
  • Be paid wages with Federal taxes automatically deducted from pay; (self-employed persons cannot be covered.) 

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