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March 7, 2022 | Filed under: CareerSource Broward News

While being invited to an interview is both exciting and intimidating, the opportunity to make a personal impression can be rewarding. However, due to the changing trend of companies incorporating more interview options to select the best candidates, in-person interviews are only one of the options that companies are utilizing. Telephone Interviews are becoming increasingly common for several reasons: the ability of the company to use it as a screening process, convenience for both employers and job candidates, and obvious safety and health concerns.

CareerSource Broward’s goal as one of your sources of education and information is to help prepare you to be a viable candidate in your area of expertise. By reviewing current hiring methods, such as Telephone Interviews, we can provide you with advantages in your search for employment. Our Telephone Interview Workshop topics include:

  • Examining common interview questions
  • Promoting yourself
  • Researching companies
  • Setting a positive impression

Our professional workshop facilitators are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional tools for helping job seekers get ahead. “Telephone Interview Skills” is a 60-minute class offered at no cost to you. It is available virtually on Tuesdays at 3pm and Fridays at 11am. It is also offered as an in-person class on a biweekly basis at each of our 3 career centers.

We invite you to register for this or any of our other workshops at: