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WORKSHOP OF THE MONTH: ‎‎PPN: Secrets to Scoring the Job for Professionals

May 31, 2022 | Filed under: CareerSource Broward News

As a professional in career transition, you always need to be ready to step into your next role. This workshop is all about making the right choices to propel you into your next job. Learn the 12 secrets that will help you move forward with your job search in a positive and professional approach. You will not only discover what it takes to obtain your next job, but also components that are imperative to track and factors you need to consider throughout your career to advance to the next level.

Transition is normal in today’s workforce, and you need to be well prepared to remain competitive in the job market. Whether it is a promotion within your field or moving to an entirely different field, there are actions you can take to demonstrate you are the ideal candidate for the job you seek. In this course, we will cover everything from selecting your next career move to interviewing for the job. You will also receive workbook sheets to allow you to review each step of the process.

Our professional workshop facilitators are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional tools for helping job seekers get ahead. The “Secrets to Scoring the Job for Professionals” workshop is held on Mondays at 9am at no cost to you. We invite you to register for this or any of our other workshops at:

Note:  This workshop is part of the PPN (Professional Placement Network) series and has eligibility requirements.  For more information, go to