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WORKSHOP OF THE MONTH: Video Interview Skills

January 31, 2022 | Filed under: CareerSource Broward News

Interviews today are conducted differently than in the past. In the changing digital world, interviews have become more technically advanced, and the video interview has now become common. Being given an option to connect with your interviewers remotely is something that was unheard of 20 years ago; today, video interviews have become very popular as a form of meeting candidates for job opportunities, especially since the start of the pandemic.

Online job interviews have increased since 2011 by 49%, and video interviewing is now used by 60% of Hiring Managers. There are many advantages of video interviews: retaining a human connection and organic conversation, providing great flexibility for both employers and candidates, and allowing the hiring process to move faster compared to the traditional interview.

Advance preparation is needed for a video interview. There are many details to review and practice in order to show up confidently and perform successfully. There are also some challenges that may arise, but preparing can definitely help in resolving those problems. We have to continue finding ways to learn, adapting to new technology, and keeping our competitive edge in the workforce.

Our professional workshop facilitators are passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience to provide exceptional tools for helping job seekers get ahead. “Video Interview Skillsis a 1-hour class offered at no cost to you, held on Mondays at 12pm, Thursdays at 2pm, and Fridays at 10am.

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