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WORKSHOP OF THE MONTH: TORQ (Transferable Occupation Readiness Quotient)

December 6, 2021 | Filed under: CareerSource Broward News

Jumping into a new career isn’t something to take lightly, especially with all the uncertainty that comes from living and working through a pandemic. If you are one of those workers looking to secure your next opportunity, you know that it takes time; and if you're thinking of making a major career change, that could take even longer.

If you’re wondering whether a career change is really the right move for you at this time, then you may want to consider attending the TORQ workshop, your guide to a new and exciting career.

What is TORQ?

  • A tool that links occupations based on the abilities, skills, and knowledge required by the workers in those occupations.
  • A software that produces one single convenient measurement that defines "transferability" between occupations based on the O*NET database from the Department of Labor (
  • A system that expands career pathways into an interconnected web of possibilities based not on a specific job that someone is doing or has done, but what someone is capable of doing.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and providing exceptional tools to help job seekers get ahead. CareerSource Broward offers a one-hour TORQ workshop at no cost to you, held every Tuesday at 12pm and every Friday at 9am.

You may register for this or any of our other online workshops at: