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CareerSource Broward Shares 'Top 10 Tips' For Holiday Job Seekers

October 31, 2018

OAKLAND PARK, Fla. – Oct. 31, 2018 – The holiday season usually offers cherished time for family, friends and loved ones. However, for individuals who are unemployed or concerned about company downsizing, the season can be filled with great uncertainty. CareerSource Broward (CSBD) wants people who are facing these challenges to understand that training and employment opportunities can be found during the holiday season.

“Being unemployed is difficult no matter what the time of the year, but especially during the holidays,” said Mason C. Jackson, President/CEO of CareerSource Broward. “As job growth in our area continues to remain strong, we realize that there are many who are still looking for work. Our goal is to connect these job seekers to resources and services that can ultimately help them land their next job."

The following are some guidelines to help job seekers with their search activities.

1. Seek help from CSBD regarding job counseling and financial assistance: These services are at no cost to the general public and can help provide financial assistance, improve workplace skills and aid with the discovery a new job. You have access to these services at no cost to you! Additional information can be found by visiting

2. Don’t put off applying for full-time work during the holidays: Make sure to use all available tools. Companies operating on a calendar year budget will make decisions about personnel, and there is always turnover – no matter what time of year.

3. Exploit the season by attending parties or gatherings and networking with people who might know of job openings: Renew your relationship with family and friends. Many times, the best source for job openings are friends and acquaintances with inside knowledge about jobs that are currently open or companies that will post positions in the near future. While it’s difficult to admit being unemployed to friends and family, these individuals can be essential when networking and can also keep their eyes open for potential opportunities.

4. Don’t complicate your situation by overspending during the holidays: Try to avoid debt and cut expenses. Budgeting during the holidays is very important and can be crucial when trying to save money or looking to control spending.

5. Some businesses hire part time to fill positions created by holiday vacations or to meet year-end demand from customers: Part-time work is better than no work at all. Part-time work adds to your unemployment credits and is an excellent way to show your talents to a prospective employer. Because of the complexity of hiring full-time personnel, some companies hire part-time employees to evaluate how a person fits in and meets their expectations. (More)

6. Understand that job loss, unemployment and job seeking are stressful situations: Acknowledge this fact and understand that you are not alone. Many people have experienced this same situation or have gone through periods of job seeking. There is some truth to the statement that the hardest job of all is finding a good job, but be sure to avoid bad habits by getting in shape, focusing on your health and enjoying the extra time you have to do things for your family.

7. Get organized. Write and design a new resume: Customize a few resumes to highlight specific career tracks where you have solid skills. Be methodical about your job search. CSBD has excellent résumé writing software and can provide you with helpful tips and suggestions to make sure you are approaching your job search in a professional, effective and efficient manner. Utilize Employ Florida to post your résumé, and use CSBD’s resource rooms. Again, for unemployed or dislocated workers, there is no cost to use CSBD’s job search services.

8. Decrease tension at home. Money issues and employment problems rate highly on the stress scale: If you have a friend or family member who is unemployed, be supportive and helpful. Now is not the time to be argumentative or to blame someone or yourself for your situation. Kindness, sympathy and compassion for people who are going through a temporary period of unemployment will be rewarded when you or your significant other lands that good job.

9. Be positive and patient. Bringing a positive attitude to your job search and interviews will help you be successful: Patience goes a long way, too. Understand that it takes time for your resume and cover letter to be routed to the appropriate person or department. Be courteous and understanding when you follow up with potential employers; your attitude on the phone may be the deciding factor in getting an interview or job offer. “Thank you” goes a long way both before and after the interview.

10. Use staffing agencies: More and more employers are using “contingent workers,” especially during time of economic recovery and uncertainty. Employers often use temporary help agencies as recruitment and screening strategies. These jobs often turn into full-time, regular employment and even if they don’t, the experience can yield another positive employer recommendation. CSBD also provides connection to the staffing industry.

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