Develop New Skills

At CareerSource Broward, the goal of our job skills training program is to assist you in entering or re-entering the job market by acquiring an in-demand occupational skill.  If you are interested in new career training, you may be eligible for a Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act (WIOA) or Welfare Transition Program (WTP) grant.

At a CareerSource Broward center, a Success Coach will assess your eligibility and current skill sets, including math and reading.  If it is determined that you meet eligibility and lack in-demand job skills, training may be considered as an option for you.

  • For more information about WIOA scholarships for career training, click here
  • The list of occupations in demand in Broward County is available here.
  • Click here to view the list of approved training programs.
  • The current performance report of training providers can be found here.



** WIOA and WTP are not entitlement programs. **

** Applicants must meet WIOA or WTP eligibility criteria listed below. **


A.    Steps to accessing our WTP training program:

        1.    Contact your assigned WTP Success Coach

B.    Steps to accessing our WIOA training program:

        1.    Complete Employ Florida Profile (click here for how-to videos)

                a.    Background Wizard

                b.    Resume

                c.    Virtual Recruiter

        2.    Complete Self-Assessments in Employ Florida.

        3.    Complete the WIOA Application and gather required documents.

        4.    Contact a WIOA Success Coach at your nearest CareerSource Broward center.


Note: WIOA/WTP are not entitlement programs, and selection for participation in the program is a local decision that is based on eligibility, assessment of your needs, interests, abilities, motivation and your prospects for successfully completing the program; and on the availability of funding. For additional information, speak to a CareerSource Broward Success Coach to determine your eligibility